Shikkoku Rond


crafted by

Kunimoto Lacqueware

Craftsman specialized in Butsudan (buddhist altars), Mitsuhiro KYODEN participates in the preservation of ancient temples or historic buildings in Takaoka, as well as collaborating with manufacturers, designers and students of his region to create new crafts.

Craftman's story

designed by

VoisinGuillemin design Studio

VoisinGuillemin is the design studio of two emerging French designers, Benjamin Voisin from Toulouse and Cédric Guillemi from La Rochelle who studied design together in Toulouse and worked on a number of projects before setting up their own studio in Paris after graduation. They rewarded serval times for their vision. Their attention to detail, and their will to work with quality materials through a sober design is felt in each of their design.

Studio's story

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