Synthesis of our two cultures, this name symbolizes the balance we seek to achieve, and reminds us every day the essence of our project.

As a design brand, our company's aim is to create a bridge between the excellence of Japanese know-how and the French way of life. It is through the expression of functional and sensitive products that we aim to demonstrate the finesse, universality and modernity that handcrafted objects can still possess.

Faithful to Japanese thought, we like to believe that objects are charged with intentions, and that the story they carry within them is as important as the object itself. This is why we are constantly in search of harmony ("wa"; 和), contrast, as well as a correctness of use allowing each object to be an extension of its owner.

It is with the help of master craftsmen ("Takumi"; 匠), as well as talented young French designers that we wish to participate in the preservation of this invaluable heritage.

We try to grasp the intangible, and to materialize this additional spirit, which, in our opinion, should be found in every object.