Handcrafted Life

Atelier Takumi is a design brand with a simple ambition: to enhance Japanese know-how through the creation of sensitive and high-quality objects.

We collaborate with part of the best young French designers, as well as master craftsmen from all over Japan to offer unique and story-charged experiences. By reinterpreting centuries-old traditions, we wish to contribute to the preservation of this legacy, and prove that craftsmanship can still demonstrate an elegant modernity.

Our story


Meaning box in Japanese, «Hako» is composed of 4 elements that work both as a set and individually. Playing on a balance of shapes and functionalities, it is together that these Hinoki boxes will be most suitable for your daily life.

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It is to enhance the mastery of Koji Orii's brass oxidation processes that we developed the Torei series.

Each piece being unique, the association of these three trays allows to create multiple combinations of shapes and colors revealing the depth and uniqueness of our craftsman's tones.

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